Jerry Baiden
Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Instruction
"I took guitar lessons from Jerry Baiden in the late 90s.
I have since studied music at Princeton, Berklee College of Music, and MIT.
In retrospect, I learned more about music from Jerry than
I did from any of the university professors."
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From The Beginning

I have been playing guitar for about 40 years. I am from San Jose, California, USA. It was full of suburban middle-class dreams that became reality as long as one stayed the course of a conventional path. Me? No way, I was not ever going to be one that followed any sort of undistinguished, unremarkable course. Let's just say it was difficult.

During the time and before as well that I was learning how to play, lead guitar was a very important component to most bands. Being able to perform solos that were more or less spurts of spontaneous composition (improvisation) were important to the status and prowess of bands and artists of the day. Also, radio stations, and the industry itself, were not as messed up as they are now. Pop concert TV shows would feature in one late evening artists ranging from Black Sabbath to Earth Wind & Fire to Mahavishnu Orchestra. In turn, guitar players at that time were influenced in such a way as to mimic the mastery and eclecticism of the time: we desired to play all styles at a high level.  One problem with this is that "mastery" takes a long time, and learning how to play like Charlie Parker and Eddie Van Halen at the same time is impossible. My friends and I spent so much time trying to play everything well when we should have picked one thing to be good at and studied that. The result should be being ready in your twenties instead of finally being ready in your forties.
Okay, now you know my dark secret. I am ready now. I can play various styles with ease, and since I have been teaching non-stop for 30 years, I can teach each style with even greater ease. Teaching has been the greatest gig I have ever had. I have met so many wonderful people, students, parents, and colleagues, my life is richer and more fulfilled for it. I am looking forward to helping you in fulfilling your wish to play guitar.


Established in 1986.

I started teaching in 1986 at Bronstein's Music in South San Francisco, and since then, I've been working my way to Cupertino, CA; by way of B Street Music in San Mateo, CA; Allegro Music in Fremont, CA; Showcase Music Institute in Campbell, CA; Torres' Guitars in Saratoga, CA; Haight-Asbury Music in Sunnyvale, CA; Draper's in Palo Alto, CA; Joplin & Sweeney in Los Gatos, CA; and finally, World of Music. For the last 18 years, I have been teaching in Cupertino and have never had a better gig.