Jerry Baiden
Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Instruction
"I took guitar lessons from Jerry Baiden in the late 90s.
I have since studied music at Princeton, Berklee College of Music, and MIT.
In retrospect, I learned more about music from Jerry than
I did from any of the university professors."
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I am a guitarist with 31 years teaching, 37 years of live playing experience, and 41 years overall  playing experience (as of 2019).
Here, you will be introduced to my instructional-teaching philosophy; playing styles, opinions, and tips; transcriptions; and other links.
I teach at Canon Music in Cupertino, CA.
New Stuff:
I am running a special, as always:
4 Guitar Lessons for the price of 2 Introductory Offer RIGHT NOW.
Email or call me and mention the offer.
408 390-1292

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My YouTube Tutorial Channel

 There, you will find seven tutorials featuring advanced-level selections. 

Introductory Video
This is my promotional video where I introduce myself and show a sample of riffs and styles I use in my lessons.
Filmed, Edited, and Produced by Tom Odell, Los Altos, CA

       Right below is a map of my teaching location at

      Canon Music, 10885 S. Blaney Ave. Cupertino, CA. 95014